Other chess services

-Coaching: I have slots available for coaching all levels of players.  I currently coach 2 juniors (in person) and 2 retired gentlemen (via Skype) plus a few others on an ad hoc basis. I have recently completed a 1 month coaching stint with a WIM preparing her for a big team tournament in Slovakia. (These students cover a whole range of ratings from 800 to 2200 and lessons are tailored to individual needs and abilities).


-Writing: I am available for all chess-related writing assignments: magazine articles, newspaper columns, online articles, books etc. (I have a BA degree in Journalism and can tailor articles to any audience at any level).


-Editing/proofreading: I can offer these services at a very competitive rate and have recently completed editing the English translation of a classic Russian chess book for a major publisher.


For the above services please contact Andrew Burnett via abburnett@hotmail.com